Tax Day 2015?

Dear All:

Following up on Starchild’s mention of Georgism as a possible subject for next year’s tax day event, I found that there is a Henry George School in San Francisco. If the LPSF was indeed interested in the subject, the Henry George School might be willing to provide a speaker.


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Hi Francoise and All,

Wow. Thanks for this, Francoise. When I returned from the meeting, I was totally confused and conflicted about this issue. On one hand, I took to heart the comment our guest at the meeting made. He said he looked at the stuff on our website and found it interesting and informative, but some principles difficult to follow. He indicated that as example, he would suggest doing a lot of ground work explanation on principles such as that Starchild introduced regarding Henry George. In other words, we are talking over most folks' heads. On the other hand, I find George's ideas apropos to the current popular dialog regarding "inequality."

So, now that we know that we can get good resources from the Henry George School, maybe we can start working on the format of our Tax Day Symposium 2015. I am hoping for a format grounded on challenges the average Mom, Dad, Neighbor, and Property Owner faces every day, including help in how he/she needs to vote for/against the next onslaught of legislation.

It takes time and effort to establish credibility in any field (self-employer folks like me as well as professionals of all kinds know that). No different with the LPSF events. I am hoping the "Tax Day Symposium" will one day be a credible event people look forward to. P.S. that is not to say that we cannot also come up with spontaneous, out of the box events which are equally desirable.