Tatiana Menaker petition

Having read Tatiana's version, I am sure she is a royal pain in the ass -- even as I can be myself -- but whether she stepped over the line in harassing or threatening others might be difficult to discern without hearing all sides of the story -- preferably in person. (Hmmm, I wonder if she was a guy if she would have gotten away with all her antics? Even lefties can be very sexist.)

However, I AM quite convinced she is a big supporter of the US government coming in (as proposed in this new bill before congress) and doing exactly the same thing to all the anti-interventionists and leftists -- kicking them off campus. Right wing neocons like David Horowitz are her biggest supporters. She also obviously supports the Israelis 56 year habit of stealing Arab land and killing Arabs who resist, the kind of government deprivation of property and human rights libertarians oppose.

So libertarians opposing the government stifling free speech on campus MUST support both sides rights to free speech on the issue.