Taking Back the Libertarian Party


  Thank you for sending this. I went to the December 11 website to sign up, but couldn't find a way to do so. Definitely the first step to reclaiming the Libertarian Party is to understand and acknowledge the extent to which the party has gone astray. I'm glad to see that this awareness seems to be growing among Libertarians, and that people are speaking out about it in increasingly strong terms. I just hope that those who believe in the unequivocal approach to freedom will rally and take back the LP, rather than just giving up and quitting in disgust and despair. This is a winnable fight -- the numbers of people involved are not that great.

  I would invite anyone who has recently come to believe that the party needs a serious housecleaning to check out the Five Key Values of the Grassroots Libertarians Caucus (see below) and give them your serious consideration as a program for getting the LP back on track and building a strong, vibrant party for the future. I hope that David Nolan, Jack Dean, Less Antman, and the December 11 group as an organization, will give their support to these values and use this new vehicle to inform turn more people on to this specific prescription of what's wrong with the LP that offers a distinct, positive, alternative vision in numerous areas. Being the party of principle is absolutely essential, but I believe the reason the party is failing to live up to this label has to do with other factors that are addressed by the Five Key Values, and that a return to radicalism will be more sustainable this time around if we go at it with a more holistic approach than we did in the past.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

"The medium is the message."
-Marshall McLuhan

I am at a loss as to what the "national HQ in Washington DC" has to do with the libertarian response, or lack thereof, to the current media assault on capitalism. Some of us are responding by writing comments, editorials, etc. How is HQ in Washington DC keeping us from doing that, and more? Or am I being naive to think that we *can* be "grassroots," chart our own efforts -- or are we dependent, instead, on a "top down" leadership culture looking to HQ for direction?