Surveillance Pamphlet [1 Attachment]


  The brochure is attached. My understanding is you were going to
revise the text and send it to me and then you and I would talk about
your proposed changes. If you keep the length about the same, you
don't need to worry about formatting, so long as there are no
"widows" (single last line of a paragraph at the top of a new column)
and the two quotes are not broken up into different columns (I made a
point of avoiding those things). You can rearrange the paragraph
breaks if needed, provided the breaks make sense. Although I'm by no
means certain we'll come to an agreement, I look forward to seeing
what alternate wording you come up with. I'm leaving for PorcFest on
Tuesday and won't be back for at least a couple weeks, so the changes
aren't that much of a rush that you need to have them ready within a

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Dear Starchild,

Thank you for your correction regarding the next step in our revision

I was unable to access this attachment by going to the URL you

Would it be possible to send it as a regular attachment to the email,
rather than as a URL? I usually have more luck with those.

Warm regards, Michael

Dear Dr. Mike;

try this word.doc of the Starchild surveillance brochure it should open to the brochure.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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