"Support Your Local Commie" by Scott Halleck

Libertarians should support the anti-police-abuse protesters even if if some of them have strongly objectionable ideas, writes blogger Scott Halleck, and I strongly concur. He writes, in part:

"Libertarians-some of us anyway-seem to have this intellectual blind spot that says that any idea that didn’t come from our camp-even when it agrees with us-is wrong. To hold this not only is intellectually narrow minded for its own sake, but it also severely limits our choice of allies on any given issue, which means that we will continue to be politically irrelevant and ineffective, no matter how right we are. I’m fortunate enough to count many lefties as friends, from garden variety milquetoast Democrats to card carrying Trotskyists. Guess what-all of them have arrived to their worldview through much the same process of research, reflection, caring, and frustration that we did, and, what’s more-the progressives and far lefties share about 80% of our concerns. 10% of our solutions, to be sure, but there’s a lot of common ground and a lot of agreement about what’s messed up. We don’t have to nor should we work with them all the time. But we should have the intellectual honesty to recognize when someone other than us is on the right side of a particular issue.

"Just as an example, watch this documentary about the Black Panthers. I know, it’s a little long, but it’s a fascinating piece of history with a great soundtrack. Yes, ideologically they were Marxist. But if you look at their actions, almost everything they did are things libertarians should cheer. They were armed, they took on the police and held them accountable-and shot back when it was necessary. But more importantly they were the private organization that provided charity and important relief to make their community better without a dime of government money or intervention. Their breakfast program fed over 20,000 people at its height. Whatever they might have been thinking, in their actions they did not confuse society with government, and they actively worked very hard to make society better. They actually did everything libertarians have been saying people should and will do for as long as I’ve been in the movement. Are we really so blind as to dismiss this as simply the raving of communists?"

  Read the full essay at http://www.flawedjewel.com/libertarian-movement/support-your-local-commie/.

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