Support for Terrence Hallinan needed!

I have a bunch of nice glossy fliers here for Terrence Hallinan headlined "Fighting Corruption at City Hall -- Our Independent D.A.," if anyone would like to go out and help distribute them between now and Tuesday. His campaign staff say they could also use help with phone calls and visibility (going out on trucks and waving signs, that kind of thing).

  I was at the campaign headquarters (724 Van Ness) recently and had a great talk there with a guy named Parrish, formerly with the Fazio campaign. He told me Chris Maden had also been by there, so perhaps others are already on the job. Parrish is another ex-Marine, and sounds like he leans conservative on a number of issues. An excellent Libertarian prospect, I'd say, considering he's working for Hallinan. I got him to watch the ISIL flash animation, and his reaction was generally favorable, though we didn't have time to discuss all the questions or issues it raised.

  I thought I'd accomplish two tasks at once by contacting registered Libertarians to tell them the LPSF is recommending a vote for Terrence, and the campaign printed me out a big stack of voter records listing all the LP registrants in SF who've voted in the last two elections. So far it's mostly been answering machines, but I'm just getting started with the calls, and I hope to get a few inquiries and such from the effort. I doubt I'll get through the pile by myself before the run-off, so if anyone wants part of the stack, help is more than welcome.

Yours in liberty,
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P.S. - Hallinan also showed up and gave a great speech at a party I went to recently for the Sex Workers Outreach Project, a new effort aimed at legalizing prostitution. Jeffrey Sommer of the East Bay LP was also there, and I got to speak briefly. This group is largely being organized by Robin Few of Americans for Safe Access, who has been a dynamic activist for medical marijuana. She is unfortunately being prosecuted right now along with her partner for pot and prostitution, but this seems to have only strengthened her resolve to fight back.