Support California Cannabis Hemp Initiative 2014 - Clean measure, much better than Prop. 19!

Thanks Letitia! I took a look at the California Cannabis Hemp Initiative (CCHI) at the link you provided. Here's the text on the CCHI website:

  While I'm disappointed the measure leaves the criminalization of adults age 18-20 in place, I am delighted to see that the language looks good and clean and does what most urgently needs to be done (decriminalizes personal cultivation and use and seeks to get Drug War prisoners released) without burying us in new crap. It puts the onus on the legislature to enact regulations or taxes on cannabis sales, while imposing sensible limits on how onerous such regulations and taxes may be, instead of doing their dirty work for them by having the initiative itself impose a bunch of taxes and regulations with the blessing of voters.

  Contrast CCHI's clear, straightforward approach with the 25 pages of the MCLR initiative, with its lengthy legalese, embrace of drug diversion programs, very strict limits on personal cultivation, extensive taxes and regulation, creation of a new government agency, ongoing criminalization of marijuana use in open outdoor spaces, etc., and it's very obvious (at least to me) which approach is better for our community!

  Thank you and all those who have been speaking out on this issue. I apologize for not having gotten on the ball sooner by examining and weighing in on these particular two initiatives.

  I urge everyone to support the CCHI measure, and collect signatures and/or donate money (!) to help get it on the ballot. If the cannabis reform community gets behind this, it should be doable. Signatures are being collected and the clock is ticking! Eighty thousand have reportedly been gathered already, and a total of 504,000 are needed by Feb. 28th, 2014, at the latest (turn-in for circulators is Feb. 14).

  Polls show public opinion is on our side now on cannabis legalization. Let's support a *solid* measure the community can unite behind, and do the work to mobilize our supporters, not repeat the mistake of Prop. 19 by putting forward a half measure only to lose or win a Pyrrhic victory at best. Debbie Tharp is sending me a bunch of petition forms, so if you live in the San Francisco area and want to get some from me to help collect signatures, please give me a call.

Love & Liberty,
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