Supervisor McGoldrick asks for audit of "First Offender Prostitution Program"

Supervisor McGoldrick
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[Directing the Budget Analyst to conduct a managerial audit of the First
Offender Prostitution Program]

Motion directing the Budget Analyst to conduct a managerial audit on the

First Offender Prostitution Program (FOPP), a diversion program of

Standing Against Global Exploitation (SAGE).

WHEREAS, The San Francisco District Attorney First Offender

Prostitution Program (FOPP) was established in 1995 as a diversion program

in order to “shift the approach to prostitution- related offenses”; and,

WHEREAS, FOPP was established as a collaborative effort between the

San Francisco District Attorney's Office, the S.F. Police Department, the

S.F. Health Department, local merchants, the mental health community and

Standing Against Global Exploitation (SAGE); and

WHEREAS, Scarce details are available on the guidelines that direct

offenders to the program, statistics on those directed to the program and

information on the program requirements itself; and

WHEREAS, There is very little public information on the fiscal

workings of the program, including accounting for the funds generated by

offenders fees; and

WHEREAS, There is no data to ascertain whether the program is

meeting performance standards, or what exactly those performance standards

are; now, therefore, be it

Moved, That the Budget Analyst is hereby directed to conduct a

management audit of this program.