"Sunshine Patriotism" from Cindy Sheehan

Great idea, Rob. Maybe those that would like to contribute, but are not going to be able to attend the LPSF meeting, could send their contribution to the LPSF mail box, where I could pick up and bring to the meeting? 2215-R Market Street, #170, San Francisco, CA 94114.
Maybe include a personal note to Cindy, if you like?


Thank you Marcy, I was thinking of asking you to do what you


Thanks, Marcy and Rob. I just mailed and check and note.

Mine is sent...


Hi All,

As I volunteered to do, I will be sending to Cindy Sheehan personal checks and personal notes collected from any of you that wish to help her. As Rob and some of you suggested several checks and/or notes of encouragement in one envelope with the Libertarian box as a return address might bring some good will to be Party.

I am not volunteering to indicate to her in any way that our voluntary and personal donations place Cindy in any obligation to the Party or to LPSF.

I am thinking of sending the envelope to Cindy by Tuesday of this coming week, with any checks/notes collected at today's meeting or I find in the LPSF box by then.

Thank you!!!