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Dear All,

The San Francisco Organizing Project finally agreed to include me for 1 ½
minutes in their mayoral forum this Sunday at Mission High (18th and Church). I’
ve been waiting to address these people for a long time. I’ve written to them
many times and they refuse to answer my letters. They are the Christians,
mostly Catholics I have great difficulty with because they worship government and
think it’s going to solve all our problems.

I’ll be delivering a pretty punchy speech. If any of you could show up, that
would be great. I’ll be bringing lots of signs on sticks on Saturday for you
all. Come on out and show your support. I’ll definitely get some attention for
this one…I hope I don’t get booed off the stage.

SFOP is a captive group consisting of priests who think they will get revenue
from being able to use their church land to build housing, that will then
provide income to the church/priests. they are puppets of the government-funded
non-profit housing mafia ie calvin welch et al. they bus in their (typically
young or elderly) supporters to meetings.

knock em dead!
they are being used by the NPO mafia.
they need to be woken up.

Sarosh Kumana
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