Suit To Get Social Secuirty Benefits While Decling Medicare

Dear All;

A news update on a very important court
case in Washington. Current DHHS policy
is if you decline to take Medicare you are
also denied your Social Security benefits.
Apparently, Bill Clinton signed an executive
order authorizing this abomination. Although
nowhere in the authorizing legislation for either
Medicare or Social Secuirty is there anything
authorizing any such actions.

The lead plaintiffs are Libertarians and have
the backing of the CATO Institute. Under
the case: Brian Hall vs. Charles E. Johnson.

This is the PDF from the court of the actual filing: [ecf_dcd_uscourts_gov]

The situation is if you want to pay for your
own medical benefits after retiring you are
not allowed to do this even when estimates
of savings to Medicare from people paying
their own way could reach $3.4 billion.

There are people who do not want to be
part of Medicare and as the article notes
they don't want the bureacracy, the invasion
of privacy and the rationing of benefits.

Sounds like Obama's national health care
plan and its dubious benefits to taxpayers
and their health.. [www_sfexaminer_com]

BTW: One thing totally missing from all the
babble about helath care and national
healthcare plaas is who will be providing
the medical services. Thousands of Baby
Boomer medical doctors nurses and medical
technicians are looking at retirement. Where
will the medical help be and what about
those real long patient lines? This is actually
happening in Massa chusetts with its mandated
healthcare insurance. Patients needing a regular
physical exam are on a one year plus waiting list
behind patients needing real immediate medical care.
The other side of this is because doctors are
so overwhelmed by numbers of ptients they
can't spend large amounts time with each patient.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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