"Subjects they're entrusted to serve"


Hey Luke...I love your work. But did anyone else pick up the irony in
your use of the word "subjects" here? Unfortunately, it seems even the
SF Sentinel is all too comfortable with the royalty/subjects
relationship of the people and government. That's really too bad. Maybe
it's time to make it clear that the government police are the subjects
and the people are the royalty. At least that's the way it was supposed
to work in America....before it became "Amerika".


And Pat....thanks but no thanks for your sensitivity to our men in
blue....the statistics say it all.

Crime Statistics Year 2000:

a.) 59 homicides were committed and 29 arrests made a 49% arrest rate.
b.) 232 rapes were committed and 47 arrests made a 20% arrest rate.
c.) 3,480 robberies were committed and 908 arrests made a 26%
arrest rate.

Crime Statistics 2001:

a.) 46 homicides were committed and 28 arrests were made a 60%
arrest rate.
b.) 253 rapes were committed and 44 arrests were made a 17% arrest
c.) 3,786 robberies were committed and 886 arrests were made a 23%
arrest rate.

Crime Statistics 2002:

a.) 58 homicides were committed and 32 arrests were made a 55%
arrest rate.
b.) 227 rapes were committed and 42 arrests were made an 18%
arrest rate.
c.) 3,269 robberies were committed and 742 arrests were made a 22%
arrest rate.

Crime Statistics 2003:

a.) 69 homicides were committed and 20 arrests were made a 29%

arrest rate.
b.) 215 rapes were committed and 42 arrests were made a 19%
arrest rate.
c.) 3,065 robberies were committed and 725 arrests were made a
23% arrest rate.

Crime Statistics 2004:

a.) 88 homicides were committed and 33 arrests were made a 37%
arrest rate.
b.) 152 rapes were committed and 30 arrests were made a 20%
arrest rate.
c.) 3,041 robberies were committed 395 arrests were made a 13%
arrest rate.

The police are not much more effective at serving our community than
Dumbo's feather was at helping him fly. Let's stop this worship of the
police state and start making it clear that communities are responsible
for policing themselves. Let's make sure the (hopefully soon to be
volunteer) police understand that their only job to support and advise
communities as they police themselves. Anyone expecting more than we are
getting from the government's police must wake up and smell the coffee.


Michael Denny