Stress levels


  I actually care whether you are stressed or not, and would prefer that
you be able to do your work in a stress-free environment. I don't get
the feeling from this message that you have the same consideration for
me. That's a shame. I could go through this message and address your
complaints one at a time, but I don't think that would help anything,
do you? Perhaps you will feel less stressed if you come over and have a
drink on Friday. You remain welcome and invited.

Yours in liberty,
                <<< Starchild >>>

Whatever you do, Starchild, don't get more stressed -- because you've
certainly not raised my blood pressure a single point.

I mean, it's not like you are the one and only activist who makes my
job as vice-chair unpleasant. It's not like Kai's going to Harvard
(which is by no means a sure thing until acceptance letters go out
next Spring) is just an excuse for me to not run for LPSF office
again. It's not like you're single-handedly pushing some of the most
dedicated activists out of leadership positions. I'm sure it wasn't
your constant hounding that made Mike give up the job of newsletter
editor. And your annual "let's have a float in the Pride parade"
cheer followed by not showing up for a single planning meeting surely
has nothing to do with how easily I got the job of managing that
event. Finally, the near-constant argument we've had about DAF
planning for the last year has absolutely nothing to do with me
really wanting to resign my office before the term ends.

No, your work style isn't causing any stress for anybody else, so
please don't let us cause any stress for you.

- --
Rob Power

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