Straw Poll Vote - LPSF Business Meeting 8-14-10

Dear All

Below and attached is the straw poll vote on the ballot initiatives for November
2, 2010. The actual voter recommendations will be done
at the Sept. 11, 2010 LPSF business meeting.

Ron Getty

Straw Poll Vote – LPSF Business Meeting Aug.14, 2010

Department of Elections Qualified Local Measures November 2, 2010

PROP. AA - Vehicle Registration Fee (PDF) - CountyTransportationAuthority

Adds a $10 vehicle registration fee to fund transportation related projects.

Straw Poll Vote: Yes – 0 No - 6


PROP. A Earthquake Retrofit Bond ($46,150,000) (PDF) Mayor Newsom

$46 million bond to provide funds for seismic upgrade for some 2,800 multi-story
residential buildings built before 974 and deemed to be soft story and likely to
collapse in an earthquake.

Straw Poll Vote: Yes – 0 No - 6


PROP. B City Retirement and Health Plans(PDF) Jeff Adachi

Would require City employees to contribute 10% towards their retirement fund.

Straw Poll Vote: Yes – 6 No - 0

PROP. C Mayoral Appearances at Board Meetings(PDF) - Chris Daly

Requires the Mayor to appear at one regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of
Supervisors each month.

Straw Poll Vote: Yes - 1 No – 1 No Position - 4

PROP. D Non-Citizen Voting in School Board Elections(PDF) –David Chiu + 8 Sups.

Allow parents of children who are not citizens to vote in SFUSD board elections.
This will require a separate ballot sheet at the cost of some $200,000 for all
polling places. Special note: The Californiastate constitution requires
citizenship to vote.

Straw Poll Vote: Yes - 1 No – 4 No Position - 1

PROP. E Election Day Voter Registration (PDF) - Ross Mirkarimi + 7 Supervisors

To allow voter registration on election days in local elections only.

Straw Poll Vote: Yes – 0 No – 4 No Position - 2

PROP. F Health Service Board Elections (PDF) – Sean Elsbernd + 9 Supervisors

To shorten on a one time basis the term of 1 Health board member from 5 years to
three years and one member from 5 years to two years so the terms will expire in
pairs in the future and can be filled in the same Board election.

Straw Poll Vote: Yes - 0 No – 0 No Position - 6

PROP. G Transit Operator Wages (PDF) – aka Fix Muni Now – Sean Elsbernd

Requires Muni transit workers to negotiate their pay and benefits locally. Pay
will not be based on average of two highest paid transit workers nationally.

Straw Poll Vote: Yes – 6 No - 0


PROP. H Local Elected Officials on Political Party Committees (PDF) Gavin

Elected officials would not be allowed to be a member of CountyCentralCommittee.

Straw Poll Vote: Yes – 0 No – 6

PROP. I Saturday Voting (PDF) –

Trial program to open 400 Saturday polling booths funds to be voluntarily

Straw Poll Vote: Yes – 0 No – 5 No Position - 1

PROP. J Hotel Tax Clarification and Temporary Increase (PDF)

A 2% increase in the hotel tax to be sun-set in 2014.

Straw Poll Vote: Yes – 0 No – 6

PROP. K Hotel Tax Clarification and Definitions (PDF) - Gavin Newsom

The City hotel tax will apply to all hotel rooms regardless of how the rooms are
reserved or occupied. On-line or airline reservation of rooms will apply to
hotel tax.

Straw Poll Vote: Yes – 0 No - 6

PROP. L Sitting or Lying on Sidewalks (PDF) - Gavin Newsom

No sit/lie on any public sidewalk citywide. Warnings will be given and those
needing medical or mental assistance will be provided that assistance.

Straw Poll Vote: Yes – 0 No – 4 No Position - 1

PROP. M Community Policing and Foot Patrols (PDF) - John Avalos + 6

Would require each district station house to implement a beat foot patrol
program in consultation with local residents and store owners. A special note:
If this ordinance receives more votes than sit/lie – sit/lie will not be

Straw Poll Vote: Yes - 4 No – 1

PROP. N Real Property Transfer Tax (PDF) - John Avalos + 7 Supervisors

An increase of the real property transfer tax.

Straw Poll Vote: Yes - 0 No - 6

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