Stop Top 2 petitions are now available online

Hi everyone,

As some of you already know, I am working as a Coordinator in San
Francisco for the ballot initiative to repeal Prop 14, the Top 2 law,
which has made it much more difficult for a Libertarian to get elected
in California. I have just written up and posted an article on the LPSF
website with more information on how to get involved. Please share this
with anyone who can help!

This will take a lot of work to get it on the ballot, and we need as
much help as we can get. Most of all, we need more activists out and
about collecting signatures on the petition. If you have any interest in
doing this, please contact me directly and I can get you set up with
petitions quickly.

As of this week, we now also have a 2-signature petition available
online for anyone in the state to download, print, and mail in so that
their voice is heard. This can be found easily on
and is linked in the article on

Thank you for your help as always and have a great holiday!

Nick Smith
Secretary, LPSF

Foundation to Stop Top 2
San Francisco County Coordinator

I totally support Nick Smith on this matter.

On another matter, I am trying to persuade Assemblymember David Chiu to introduce a bill to lower the number of signatures for an independent presidential candidate. The requirement will be up to 200,000 by 2020, yet every other state has some way for an independent presidential candidate to get on the ballot with support from fewer than 50,000 people. Yes, California is the most populous state, but our percentage is also the highest of any state.
I have tried to get an op-ed into the SF Chronicle and the LA Times about this, but neither paper will run it.
Anyway, if people on this list would send a very short e-mail to Judson True, Senator Chiu's chief of staff, that would really help. Judson True said to me two weeks ago that he would have an answer for me in one week. But now two weeks has gone by with no word from him.
It's true lowering the indp pres petition in California would have no direct impact on the California LP, but it would have an indirect effect in other states, where we are not on the ballot and are trying to improve the laws in those other restrictive states. California's indp pres petition is so bad it makes other states all look easy by comparison, so fixing California would help our fight in other states.
Just send an e-mail to Say you live in San Francisco and that you hope Assemblymember Chiu will introduce a bill to ease the independent presidential petition requirement. It need be no longer than one or two sentences.
Assemblymember Chiu represents the eastern half of San Francisco, but if you live in the western half (Phil Ting's district), don't let that stop you. Chiu is probably interested in running for San Francisco Mayor so he will want to be popular in the entire city. He did run for Mayor in 2011 but he lost to Ed Lee, but some feel he will run again now that Mayor Lee has died.
Richard Winger 415-922-9779 PO Box 470296, San Francisco Ca 94147

Hi Richard and Nick. Thanks for your efforts. I just sent off a brief
email to Judson regarding the proposed bill to lower the number of
signatures. That's easy activism!

I sent off emails last week to the state party, the Santa Clara LP, and
also the Peace & Freedom Party regarding the Top 2 petition, and heard back
from not a soul. Pitiful--how can we ever expect to change anything if an
opportunity comes and we just let it pass by? We did make contact with the
Greens, and they also hadn't done a thing, but hopefully they will get
themselves in gear now.

On the gas tax repeal initiatives, I did request and receive 2 batches of
petitions sheets totaling 210 signature spaces (14 sheets x 15 per sheet)
from the campaign for getting the voters to approve any such taxes in the
future, and I also requested sheets from the other campaign for a straight
repeal. If anyone needs sheets, you can request them online at I'm thinking
that after the holidays would be a good time for us to plan an activist
activity or two obtaining signatures for a few hours each time near some
busy location like a gas station, supermarket, Target or something like
that and then go out to eat afterwards. I'd like to get signatures on all
3 petitions, though the Travis Allen gas tax repeal initiative's deadline
is January 8, so no point bothering with that one after that date, but the
other two go until April and May. Also I'm sure Dan The Man (from GGLR)
will be at the gun show at the Cow Palace on the January 13 week-end, and
though that's the week-end of our meeting, I'm thinking that I could put in
a few hours on the Sunday gathering signatures for the 2 remaining
initiatives. Please advise if you can help get signatures.