Stop Funding the War in Iraq

And call your Democratic representatives to object to the Democrats'
motion to remove the provision of the War Funding Act demanding that
Congress exercise their Constitutional right to demand a vote on the
funding of any new US military action. See AP article below

Michael Denny

Libertarian Party of San Francisco

WASHINGTON -- Democratic leaders are stripping from a military spending
bill for Iraq a requirement that President Bush gain approval from
Congress before moving against Iran.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi... D-Calif., and other leaders agreed to
remove the requirement concerning Iran after conservative Democrats as
well as other lawmakers worried about its possible impact on Israel,
officials said Monday.

The overall bill -- which requires that the withdrawal of U.S. combat
troops from Iraq by Sept. 1, 2008, if not earlier -- remained on
schedule for an initial test vote Thursday in the House Appropriations

The measure provides nearly $100 billion to pay for two wars and
includes more money than Bush had requested for Afghanistan and what
Democrats called training and equipment shortages. [ETC.]

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Stop Funding the War in Iraq <>

Protest, March 19, 2007 in San Francisco

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About the Protest

March 19, 2007 will be the fourth anniversary of the Iraq War.

This conflict has already:

* Lasted longer than U.S. participation in World War II

* Claimed more American lives than 9/11

* Injured over 23,000 American service men and women

* Killed at least 50,000 Iraqis - and perhaps as many as 650,000

* Cost over $400 billion, which is over $1000 for every man,
woman and child in America

* Damaged America's reputation and inflamed anti-Americanism in
the Muslim world

While the Bush Administration refuses to change its mistaken Iraq
policies, we don't have to wait until a new President takes office to
end this insanity. The Democratic controlled House of Representatives
has the power to stop or reduce war funding in 2007.

Where and When

Noon on Monday, March 19th
450 Golden Gate Ave (between Polk and Larkin)
San Francisco, California

Join us in front of Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco district office to urge
her and her fellow Representatives to deny any White House war funding
request and to support HR 508, The Bring Our Troops Home and Sovereignty
of Iraq Restoration Act.

Tell Congress to support our troops by bringing them home to their
friends and loved ones NOW!

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