Still in LA

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Dear Eric,

I am so sorry about your bad experience. But, Eric, should one
person define the group? Regarding choosing our candidates better,
we seem to be in the unfortunate position that not many people in our
group volunteer to run for office; we are hoping that will change as
we become more well known. Will you give us another chance?

Best regards,


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The trip with Lynnette was horrible.

She's not well. Very unstable and evil and suicidal the worst thing


happen to the party.

Something has to be done. I can't see being apart of a group that


police it self.

I'm caught between telling my people how disrespected I was or just
letting her madness destroy what so many of us are trying to build.

I have a lot to figure out. I like the party but this person can


everything I've done.

Starchild my greatest fear is if she actually were to have to

serve. She