Still another cartoon about libertarians


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I'm envisioning a second panel of this cartoon showing a larger view of the same scene, where the couple sitting on the island are revealed to be in a tropical bay with lots of other people playing and sitting about on other sandy isles, jetskiing, being served drinks, etc., some of them in the nude, near some hexagonal type floating structures. They are evidently sitting on this particular island wearing castaway type clothes, because it has the classic lone palm tree on a tiny piece of sand, and they are having their photos taken for a souvenir.

  In this second panel, the person being addressed in the first panel responds, "Well, it's not *my* experiment in limited government, it's the Seasteading Institute's. I know you find the nudity upsetting, but you gotta admit it's nice to be able to come here without any passports, paying taxes on anything, or having anybody tell us what we can smoke or put in our drinks."

  Any cartoonists in the house? :slight_smile:

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))