Steve Kubby update - 3/13/06 - Mailing list request

I just spoke with Steve Kubby. He is staying at the home of journalist Pat McCarthy in Auburn, and sounded well. However he has another court date tomorrow morning at 830 a.m. and they aren't sure whether the District Attorney will try to have him jailed again. Apparently the Sheriff's Department released him on their own initiative, and according to Pat the Sheriff even put in a good word for Steve. Maybe they were worried about possible responsibility if he died in jail, but whatever the motivation, I'm glad they did the right thing.

  Steve was in SF briefly last week, and attended a Board of Supervisors meeting to thank them for their resolution in his support. Pat said there were lots of media present, and it resulted in a good article in the Examiner.

  Steve thanked me for making the buttons for him, and said he received the $40 donation Morey and I dropped off. Unfortunately he still really needs cash to cover his legal bills, and is hoping to do a fundraising letter to Libertarians. Therefore I'd like to request that the LPSF ExCom vote to let me send our local membership list to his wife Michelle for this purpose.

Yours in liberty,
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