Steve Kubby and marijuana decriminalization in the current SF Weekly

Some terrific press for Libertarian leader Steve Kubby and the ballot initiative he is drafting as a follow-up to Proposition 19 in the current issue of SF Weekly:

  As one might expect, his is significantly better than the measure that California voters rejected last November. I haven't read the latest draft, but it avoids many of Prop. 19's mistakes that caused many people in the cannabis community to be less than enthused in working to pass that measure. For instance, according to the Weekly, it specifically leaves rights enjoyed by medical cannabis patients untouched, and does not create any new criminal penalties for cannabis users (Prop. 19 would have created a new crime of smoking around "children", a word defined by government in California to include teenagers up to the age of 18).

  The only thing I can see that I'm not keen on is the title, "The Marijuana Regulation and Tax Act of 2012." The Weekly says the other statewide initiative currently being planned for 2012, being promoted by Michael Jolson of Santa Cruz and some former Prop. 19 campaigners, is the "California Cannabis and Hemp Initiative". Presumably that initiative isn't being led by libertarians, and it would be embarrassing if our measure touted taxation and regulation in its title while the other one did not.

  Hopefully "The Marijuana Regulation and Tax Act of 2012" is just a working title, and we're still looking for a better one. Steve?

Love & Liberty,
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