State or Private-Law Society - Hans-Hermann Hoppe - Mises Daily

Wayne, It is in the very nature of a libertarian world view to be skeptical of the State.
There are two ways the State can fail in it's monopoly over providing security to the citizens. It can punish the innocent or it can leave the guilty to walk.

In this case, the monopoly powers of the prosecutor in State College may have even permitted him to partake in violating citizens, or protecting those who clearly were.

The necessity of a State monopoly on the provision of security is a keystone in Socialist defense of the State.

The education of the public on the fallacy of this belief is essential if we are ever to have liberty.

But first we have to understand very well why the state monopoly is not only bad for liberty, but also a very bad way to maintain law and order.

It takes a while to sink in. At least it did for me. But nobody lays it out better than Hans Hoffe at Mises.

You can read this , then listen to his podcasts on the subject.

It's a little slow at first because he is very methodical, But his reasoning is overpowering.

One other thing, It seems the prosecutor who buried all this evidence back in the late nineties with a simple warning that the coach shouldn't take any more boys into the shower, well that prosecutor has disappeared.

Cnn, the Pravda of the american state, stated that the disappearance was unrelated.

As Bismarck once noted, Nothing is certainly true until it is officially denied.

Perhaps one of the mons made him disappear.

Blue Velvet and Law and Order SVU are starting to look tame.

Here's Hans...