Starchild & Morey [was: Morey on Cover of LP News]

In addition, in the September 2006 Liberty there are over two favorable paragraphs recounting some of Starchild's activities at the National Convention.

Morey and Starchild have catapulted the LPSF into the national spotlight!

Great work!

Best, Michael

Thanks, Michael. I saw the Liberty article, but I can't take too much credit. The credentialling drama was largely thrust upon me (and Aster, who was also denied seating as a delegate and never did get seated but was not mentioned in the article) rather than being a result of any positive action on my part. It is gratifying to see the coverage, of course, in part because I know there are always some misguided Libertarians who think the party would be better off if I were invisible. Definitely cool to see Morey on the LP News cover too; I just wish the delegates had showed more sense and elected him to the Libertarian National Committee.

Love & liberty,
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