Starchild is in Jail in Fremont

Chris Madden asked me to
post this news as his
computer is broken. A
friend of Starchild called
Chris and told him that
Starchild does not want
anyone to bail him out.
According to Chris, he was
caught by a frmale cop in
Fremont though a Craigs
List contact. KRON is said
to have been there filming
but was not interested in
anything Starchild had to
say.His only request was
that someone contact Ann
Harrison at the Guardian.
She is a freelance so is
not listed on the guardian
website. If someone has the
number please call her and
post that fact to the lpsf
discuss list here. Also
please repost to other
lists that may want to
know. Thanks. Phil

Thanks for passing on the news, Phil.

I'm guessing one of you already tried Ann's email? I have copied her
on this reply. If she responds, I will let the list know.