Starchild for Assembly - Campaign inquiry via state website

Thanks, Brent. I just sent Christopher a response (copied below).

  Is the idea to have people's questions to candidates (and our answers) appear directly on the state party site?

  How about the platform positions I sent Elizabeth Stump? I don't see them linked anywhere. If we're going to solicit questions and field replies there, I think it would make sense to first list the campaign positions I've already taken.

  I have to make a decision soon about publishing a ballot statement (text and payments are due August 7). It costs $1572, and after consideration I am not terribly inclined to do it unless there are sufficient donors who want to pay for it and feel it's a good use of their money. In terms of the number of people reached, the cost does not compare very favorably with the cost of publishing a paid ballot argument for or against a proposition in the SF Voter Information Pamphlet (perhaps 1/3 the cost). If we were running an active campaign, it might be different, but I don't think much of feeding the State unless we're getting good bang for the buck.

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))