Standards for LP candidates (was Re: Cindy4Congress)


   Surely you don't think the Libertarian Party is obligated to support anyone who wants to run for office on its ticket regardless of their beliefs, so long as they say "I am a Libertarian and I want the LP to win." Surely you agree there should be *some* standards for LP candidates? If so, then why are my standards (wanting candidates with generally *libertarian* positions to represent us) any more of a "witch hunt" than yours?

  To be more specific, the standard I advocate is that our candidates believe in the Non-Aggression Principle (whether they specifically call it that or not), and generally be able to justify their policy positions in terms of the idea that people should be free to do what they want so long as they do not initiate force against others.

  If you do think that LP candidates should meet some sort of standard, please do share. If you don't believe there should be any standard whatsoever, then please explain what would be wrong with, say, Pat Robertson or Ted Kennedy running as a Libertarian, if either of them were to switch parties.

  Please note I have moved this conversation to lpsf-discuss, since it is more discussion at this point than related to specific activism.

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