Stage hand to build dam!

A prominent local leftist complaining that people are being hired based on politically correct criteria rather than merit -- surely that counts as a positive sign of the times! 8)

  H., what if politically correct criteria are also influencing who gets licensed as an engineer (for instance, who is admitted to the prominent college and has a chance to get the engineering degree)? Then Newsom wouldn't necessarily get the most qualified person just by hiring an engineer for an engineering job. Certainly it sounds like an engineer would probably be more qualified than the person he actually *did* hire, but I'm sure there are also plenty of people he could have hired who are even *less* qualified than the guy who got the job. Once you give up the principle of admitting/hiring/promoting/etc. based on merit, then you're really just quibbling about *degrees* of qualification, i.e. "your guy who's not the most qualified is less qualified than my guy who's not the most qualified!"

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