Spraying Victory! CDFA Calls Off Aerial Spraying of Urban Areas ~ Celebration Party Tonight 5pm (Santa Cruz) - BE THERE !

I haven't heard news reports about this yet, but am assuming from the message that it's true.

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Here's the report from Rational Review News Digest:

23) CA: Officials halt apple moth spraying

San Jose Mercury News

"After more than a year of heated controversy, state and federal

agriculture officials announced Thursday they have dropped plans to

spray urban areas in the Bay Area and Monterey Bay region to eradicate

the light-brown apple moth, a farm pest. Instead, they will release

sterile moths starting next year to disrupt the insect's mating, and

use twist ties on trees in urban areas to combat the pest. The

decision came from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, said Steve Lyle, a

spokesman for the California Department of Food and

Agriculture." (06/19/08)


Notice, in the Mercury News article, the government's claim that
protests had nothing to do with the decision not to spray.

I've noticed that governments almost always say that, when protests force them to change course. Rarely are they willing to acknowledge the power of public opinion when it manifests itself outside of elections in ways that go against their interests.

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