Special SF Tax Election June 2


  I read that also (that paid ballot arguments won't be allowed). I'll
bet they'd love to eliminate those arguments altogether, and
disallowing them in a special election is a trial balloon toward
doing so. It will make getting selected to write the free opposition
arguments all the more important. Let's try to make sure we file some
and don't miss the deadline.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Dear Starchild;

Yep - but we won't have a clue about what the actual ballot measures will be until the final vote on March 3. And I am certain if a dozen or two trial balloons are put up that based on pure cynicism the supes won't vote on which FINAL tax measures will be on the ballot AND their wording until the literal last minute at 5:00 pm on Wednesday March 3.

The elimnation of paid ballot arguments is a provision written into the original emergency legislation previously enacted some time back. The argument being when you do have paid ballot measures you have to allow time for rebuttal paid arguments and with a special emergency election there isn't the time to allow for all those paid arguments and their rebuttals. Unh Hunh.

Right now it is difficult to even guess what the final tax meaures will be and most importantly how they will be worded and if they will have sunset clauses in them.

I will be following the developments along with all the other people who are most likely to most heavily impacted - San Francisco Small Businesses - the Supervisors ATM's of choice for tax increases.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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