Speaking of Initiatives


  It's a nice thought, but I don't see much evidence that artists are attracted to political groups that offer them tax breaks. Howard Stern and Eminem hate the FCC, and I'm assuming the issue is a big reason Stern picked the LP ticket when he tried to run for NY governor. So that issue might have a little more traction. I personally think however that it's less a matter of issues than of style and approach. Our philosophy has the potential to lift billions of people out of poverty. Lots of artists get involved in campaigns to fight hunger, stop cruelty to animals, etc. If we emphasize compassion and preventing suffering among the truly destitute, I think we could do a lot better attracting celebrity attention.

  There are people in the libertarian movement taking this approach, such as Hernando de Soto -- the BBC's World Business Review just aired a panel last night in which they talked a lot about his ideas -- property rights for the poor, micro-lending, that kind of thing. It was terrific. One of the guests, a South African political figure, was strongly condemnatory of foreign aid to Africa, saying it doesn't reach the people and should be stopped. You can listen to the show here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/programmes/world_business_review.shtml . Even U2's Bono, who has been crusading for African debt relief, now seems to be getting a clue and is, I heard, focusing his latest campaign on ending the culture of official corruption there.

  There is a lot of potential with the immigration issue too. Open borders are an excellent tool for lifting people out of poverty, and an issue where we can take the mantle of being more compassionate than the left.

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