Speaker needed (High School ITV)


I have two students working on an academic project concerning the economic / social case against and for the legalization of marijuana.
Being myself a hard core libertarian, I would like them to interview someone who could expose in simple terms the high costs of prohibition, the high benefits of legalization, as well as the individual freedom and reponsibility aspect of the question.
Their onlny other option is to itv a member of the democratic party (which they might do, too.)
I, honestly, do not know if "you" advocate the legalization of marijuana--I read somewhere that a LP presidential candidate once defended the "war on drug," but I may be mistaken.
So, if anyone here can and would like to help, please e-mail me privately (no need to bother the whole list,)

Jeremie T. A. Rostan

Jeremy, I survived years of Aids, during which time only MJ kept the nausea under control.
Phil Berg


would you be willing to share your experience with my 11th grade students?