Speakeasy #3 - December 12, 2003, 7pm-midnight +

Speakeasy this Friday (December 12).
Your passphrase is "Where is the love?"

Yes, we're rolling out the carpet, pulling down the shades and fluffing the pillows again.
Subversive libertarian salon/chill space open an evening for your enjoyment & enlightenment.
(in other words, a party)

Please note that the fun now begins at 7pm, allowing you to arrive well under cover of darkness.

This is rumored to be near {{3531 16th Street between Market and Sanchez (corner of Prosper alley), San Francisco}}, For further assistance, dial discreetly -- (415) 621-7932
Don't call from home, your line may be tapped...

We're all criminals now -- revel in your status! Prohibition-era garb and militantly nonconformist attire encouraged. Contributions of meat-free snacks and intoxicating substances to supplement our offerings gratefully accepted.

The Department of Parasitic Thieves (DPT) loves our neighborhood because parking is in short supply. We sometimes find space in the library lot next door, but drive here at your own risk! Suggested alternative is Muni Metro underground to Castro Street, then proceed east down Market to 16th, turn right, and go half a block.

If you can't find it already: http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?country=US&addtohistory=&address=3531+16th+Street&city=San+Francisco&state=CA&zipcode=94114&homesubmit=Get+Map