I'm not sure how to answer whether I "believe in" elections or not. I do think having them is better than not having them. And the freer and fairer an election is, the more legitimate the claim of jurisdiction. Are those answers good enough? 8)

  I appreciate your respect. I do try to be sincere. To my mind, I *am* focused on increasing liberty in general (rather than on a philosophy such as nationalism which might compel me toward a different focus). As far as my personal freedom, am I not staking out a greater claim for it by *not* recognizing any authority over me? Admittedly this may not be conducive to my personal or economic freedom in a practical sense, but I don't see how it hurts my personal or economic freedom either.

  Of course I don't think my activism in general helps my personal or economic freedom to any great degree. Indeed it probably jeopardizes it more than it improves it. However I think being pro-freedom in an altruistic sense and acting on that belief probably helps my internal or spiritual freedom, in the sense of trying to live to some degree consistently with my beliefs rather than imposing more constraints on myself in the name of pragmatism. That too would impinge on my freedom.

Yours in liberty,
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