Sorry to see you leave

Tolerance of protest is one of the hallmarks of our political system. In the forum of ideas, free speach trumps property rights. It is fundamental to our traditions. I am reminded of when secretary of Defefense Rumsfeld, despite boos from the audience , waved off security and engaged in a discussion with anti war protester, and former CIA analyst Roy McGovern. the event made national news, was of considerable embarrasment to rumsfelds politics, but a credit to his decency. I am also reminded of how Nancy Pelosi's staff tolerated anti war protesters, and anti katrina protesters at her town meeting two years ago. In this case she walked the walk of tolerance, despite the ribbing she must have gotten from the Fox thugs. As a counter example, John Kerry engaged a protester at the University of Florida, but he did not forcefully wave off the cops as the protester was hauled off and tasered, indicating to all why america didn't like him very much There are simply times where some principles of civil behavior come in conflict with other principles, and good judgement must be exercised, including considerable tolerance of protest. There is simply a public component of any political gathering, regardless of the venue. As such , a great deal of tolerance is appropriate.s.

You have shown great sensitivity to the ideas of liberty in the past, especially in your excellent and probing interview that we did on enemy combatant radio. I was gratified to have you listening in on our list, and sorry to see you go.

With respect

, x Philip