Something for all the Ron Paul supporters to read

Dear Brian;

I actually took the time to read the whole article - the online url version - so what is your point about what Ron Paul was saying back in 1992 about the rioters and Rodney King? Which I am presuming is the Rodney King of - why can't we all just get along with each other?

If there are specific parts of what Ron Paul said which are wrong or curve the truth what are they? If the general tenor of the whole article is wrong what is wrong with what he said? If it appears Ron Paul by the words he used is a rascist then why don't you just say so?

As far as the facts presented about Black welfare and Black crime rates I can give you books I have read about the wrongs visited upon American Blacks written by Blacks who will also state what Ron Paul stated about Black crimes and Black crime victims and Black welfare. Ever read any of the Dr. Martin Luther King triology of the whole Civil Rights movement or anything about Thurgood Marshall or Malcolm X or John Lewis or WEB DuBois?

In the case of the Rodney King riots the victims were not Black in the majority of all other crimes of Black on Black crime. None of the Black preachers address this issue. Definitely not the Jesse Jackson's and the Al Sharptons or in SF - Rev Cecil Williams of Glide Memorial. Black on black crime is beyond belief and acceptance and is totally unwarranted as it is done to the Black families who are the best hope for the Black community - this is the Black family.

The wholesale destruction of the total community infrastructure as happened in San Francisco with the redevelopment of the Western Addition then the Fillmore and soon the Bayview is a major felonious crime operating under the guise of fixing the neighborhood by destroying the very neighborhood which is needed to have the basic roots of the needs in a Black community for family home and church and creates nothing more than a Black Diaspora.

When does being a Libertarian mean you have to accept what the Rodney King rioters did to private property and the prosecutions of those who did protect their private property?

I lived in San Francisco at the time and worked downtown and basically all of downtown San Francisco got shut down and the streets were deserted except for the rioters. The new Mayor of SF was Frank Jordan the former SFPD Chief of Police who took over from Art Agnos and should have known better how to handle the rioters. It was all smash and grab - it had nothing to do with the Rodney King verdict.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian