Some Salient FACTS About Prop 22 To Refute Prop 22 Lies

Dear Everyone;

After The Guv vetoed the Gay Marriage Bill - Mike Denunzio Chair of The SF Republican Party had a LTE in the Examiner supporting the veto which had misrepresentations about the true vote on Prop 22.

I sent a LTE to the Examiner correcting the error with some pertinent facts and the Examiner ran the LTE today along with the suggestion I had to fix tail wagging the dog ballot propositions..

These are the salient facts about Prop 22 for refuting the Prop 22 Big Lies:

In the year 2000 there were 25 million adult Californians. Twenty-one million were eligible to register to vote and 14 million did so. In March of 2000, 7.8 million voters went to the polls, or 55 percent of registered voters. Prop. 22 had a total of 7.5 million votes. There were 300,000 people who did not cast a vote on Proposition 22. While Prop. 22 had 61 percent of the votes cast, this represented 33 percent of registered voters, 22 percent of all eligible to register and only 18 percent of all adult Californians.

The tail wagged the dog on Prop 22.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian