SNAC Announcement: David Friedman talk this Saturday December 3

Saturday Night Anarchy Club (now in Downtown San Jose) Announcement
All are welcome:

December 3, 2005. David Friedman , School of Law, Santa Clara Universty University will speak at the Saturday Night Anarchy Club (now held in downtown San Jose) Saturday December 3

The topic will be "Legal Systems Very Different From Ours"

Meeting agenda:

            7:15 – 7:30: Reception and socializing

            7:30 – 9:00: Seminar presentation and formal discussion

            9:00 – 10:00: -- open interaction --

SNAC meets in San Jose four Saturday nights per year (twice in the Fall semester and twice in the Spring semester). SNAC was founded in 2002 by economists Daniel Klein and Edward Stringham and is run by Edward Stringham and Benjamin Powell of San Jose State University. The list of speakers can be viewed here:

Character of the meeting: The 90-minute seminar is a hearing of serious intellectual enterprise. It is an academic seminar without the academy. The conventional format is for the speaker to deliver a presentation of 45-50 minutes and then open to discussion. Speakers are encouraged to bring overhead transparencies for our overhead projector or distribute follow-along handouts.


Starting Fall 2005, the meetings will take place at Paseo Plaza Condominium Complex at 144 S. 3rd St in Downtown San Jose. The Paseo Plaza is directly directly across the street from the San Jose Repetory Theater (and on the other side of the Paseo Plaza is the San Jose State Library) so there are many lots with free parking. You will ned to use the main entrance of the building on 144 S 3rd St, where you will be able to see the clubroom inside the glass doors just past the elevators. We will have someone checking to let people in so please be patient or call my cell phone at 408-644-5223.

Cost of Admission: Bring a bottle of wine or $10. Feel free to bring cheese and crackers.