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Patriot Act game pokes fun at government
"In this send-up of 'Monopoly,' players don't pass 'Go' and they don't
go directly to jail -- they go to Guantanamo Bay. Instead of losing cash
for landing on certain squares, they lose civil liberties. And the 'Mr.
Monopoly' character at the center of the board is replaced by a scowling
former Attorney General John Ashcroft. 'Patriot Act: The Home Version'
pokes fun at 'the historic abuse of governmental powers' by the recently
renewed anti-terrorism law, according to its creator's Web site
<> . But while it may be fun, creator
Michael Kabbash, a graphic artist and Arab civil rights advocate, is
serious about how he feels the law has curtailed Americans' freedom. The
object of the game is not to amass the most money or real estate, but to
be the last player to retain civil liberties. 'I've had people complain
to me that when they play, nobody wins. They say, 'We're all in
Guantanamo and nobody has any civil liberties left,' [and] I'm like
'Yeah, that's the point.'" (03/18/06)

New poll finds 86% of Americans don't want a country anymore
The Onion
by staff
"A Gallup/Harris Interactive poll released Monday indicates that nearly
nine out of 10 Americans are 'tired of having a country.' Among the 86
percent of poll respondents who were in favor of discontinuing the
nation, the most frequently cited reasons were a lack of significant
results from the current democratic process (36 percent),
dissatisfaction with customer service (28 percent), and exhaustion (22
percent). 'I don't want to get bogged down in the country anymore,'
Wilmington, DE accountant Karie Ashworth said. 'I'm not up in arms or
anything, I'm just saying it'd be a lot easier for everyone if we just
gave it up.' " [Editor's note: Ah, we can dream, can't we? - MLS]