Smiles of the day, from rrnd

45) The lowlights of 2005
Seattle Times
by Dave Barry

"Oh, sure, there were some positive developments. Here is a complete
list:: * In some areas, the price of gasoline, much of the time,
remained below $5 a gallon. * Nobody you know caught avian flu. Yet. *
The Yankees once again failed to win the World Series. * Cher actually
ended her farewell tour. That was it for the good news. The rest of
2005 was a steady diet of misery, horror and despair, leavened
occasionally by deep anxiety. So just for fun, let's take a look back
..." (01/02/06)

31) Chatting up the TSA
Independent Institute
by Ivan Eland

"Next time you go to the airport be sure to put on a happy face, even
if you've been informed that your flight has been delayed by an hour
and that you'll miss all your connections. You'll need this cheerful
facade to make it through the TSA airport security checkpoint. As if
being asked to strip off shoes, coats, belts and other clothing before
going through a metal detector and getting your personal belongings
x-rayed is not enough, the TSA will begin psychoanalyzing air
travelers in 40 major airports next year. TSA screeners, who are not
even fully trained law enforcement personnel, let alone professional
psychologists, will perform behavior analysis screening on all
passengers." (01/02/06)

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- Will Rogers