Small Government Blog » A Long Train Of Abuses…

The brief video of this incident is absolutely amazing. As bicyclists are whizzing down the middle of a Manhattan street during Critical Mass, routing around a couple officers who are standing in the center of the traffic lanes for no apparent reason -- it's a good thing they were not spotted by the SFPD cops who recently made an arrest in the Bayview for that heinous infraction! -- one of the officers begins to move toward the side of the street, causing cyclists to swerve even more vigorously. Suddenly as one bicyclist is crowded almost to the sidewalk in seeking to avoid him, officer Pogan picks up his pace and lunges out, shoving the man off his bike and causing him, according to the New York Post story, to fly through the air onto the curb. Rather than being fired, or suspended without pay, the newly minted third generation NYPD officer who lives at home with his police officer father was transferred to a desk job. Charges of attempted assault and disorderly conduct were filed, however -- against the cyclist! He was held in jail for 26 hours.

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