Sign Petition & Attend Hearing! (Re: [lpsf-activists] Resolution on Housing Moratorium in the Mission)

Hi Aubrey,

  Timely that you should mention this again now, as two related items just came to my attention on the SFBARF list:

(1) There is a petition urging mayor Ed Lee and others to oppose Supervisor Campos's Mission moratorium zoning agenda, which people can sign online at

(2) There is a Planning Commission hearing on the proposed moratorium, this coming Thursday, July 9, at noon, in City Hall room 400 (see message below for details)

  At the risk of something else that might "bring in outside" groups, etc., I think it would be worthwhile to include language encouraging people to sign the petition and attend the hearing.

  I'm glad you favor including the language about xenophobia, etc., as I think this will make it a stronger resolution.

Love & Liberty,
                               ((( starchild )))