Shouldn't LP CA seize this opportunity?

This morning, the San Francisco Chronicle's front page story was about how all
of the statewide Democratic Party leaders and elected representatives are
trashing Gavin Newsom for his actions regarding gay marriage:

Shouldn't the State LP put out a press release this weekend (in time for
Sunday's Chronicle) congratulating Mayor Newsom for being the first elected
Democrat to implement the brand of LGBT equality we in the LP have supported
for over 30 years? It's infuriating that the gay community continues to vote
overwhelmingly for Democrats like Boxer and Feinstein, when they are so
unsupportive of these issues. We could make a serious dent in the Democrats'
base of voters with this one issue if we play it right.

Like I said, this would mean much more coming from statewide LP candidates and
party officials than it would from our local LP San Francisco (since the local
SF Democrats are also in support of Newsom). However, if the state office
would like help drafting the release, just let me know, and I'll be happy to
do it.

Feedback, anyone?

Outright Libertarians SF Bay Area

Sounds good. Can we note the differences while keeping the tone of the press release positive (and not angry or ranting)?

-- Steve