Short Quiz - Are You A Neocon?

Dear Fellow Libertarians,

I came across this neocon quiz in the Christian Science Monitor after being referred there by article writer Phil Duffy. He sent me to the neocon site at the Monitor:


after commentary I made about the media blackout on Israeli WMD ( atomic, chemical and biological) vs.all the hype about Iraq and what turned out to be no WMD. All in relation to The Media taking handouts from the White House Press Room as actual news.

Phil Duffy wrote about some mea culpa articles run in the Washington Post and the NY Times about their bad reporting on the the reason why we needed to attack Iraq.


The Neocon Quiz:

I took the quiz and flunked. I was unscientifically declared an Isolationist/Libertarian.
Woe Is Me! Woe Is Me! I flunked - I flunked!

It's one quiz I was glad to flunk. No way should there be any entangling alliances just like George Washington said there shouldn't be.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

P.S. If you like analytical quizes try this one from the Mises Institute on: Are You An Austrian? I do not have an economics background or any college studies in economics but I got a 90% on the quiz.