[Shared Post] Police watchtower installed at 24th St. BART Plaza

Oh god. This is scary and absurd at the same time! Thanks for posting, Richard.

BTW, please give me a call when you get a chance.

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On Aug 28, 2023, at 9:09 PM, Richard Fast via LPSF Forum noreply@forum.lpsf.org wrote:

RickySpeed https://forum.lpsf.org/u/rickyspeed
August 29
Mission Local – 29 Aug 23 https://missionlocal.org/2023/08/police-watchtower-installed-at-24th-st-bart-plaza/

Police watchtower installed at 24th St. BART Plaza https://missionlocal.org/2023/08/police-watchtower-installed-at-24th-st-bart-plaza/
A spokesperson for BART Police confirmed the approximately 20 foot tall structure went up this morning. Plaza regulars had mixed reactions.

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