SFPD wants your help arresting homeless whose work competes with their desired monopoly / new anti-poor laws in the works?

From the SFPD Tenderloin station captain, Gary Jimenez:

Public Safety Advisory
Theft of Recycling Materials

Theft of Curbside Recyclables
Recycling poachers look for items of value such as aluminum cans,bottles and personal information. This crime problem has a far-reaching and negative impact on neighborhood public safety, the environment and consumer recycling efforts. As a result, you and your neighbors are exposed to increased noise, litter and possible trespassing on private property.

Taking recyclables is in violation of local and state law. Municipal Health Code Sec. 293.1 states that it shall be unlawful for any person other than an authorized City employee or the City's authorized curbside recycling program collectors to take, remove, move or otherwise appropriate the container in which recyclable materials are placed for collection and the matters contained therein. Upon conviction, a person is subject to the following penalty:

Infraction - fine not exceeding $250.00 for the 1st offense. 2nd or additional offense by a fine of not less than $100 or not exceeding $250.

Misdemeanor - a person can be punished by imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding 6 months or a fine not exceeding $500, or both.

  Attorney Phil Horne also reports that according to the Coalition on Homelessness, Gavin Newsom's new "quality of life committee" wants new laws against being poor. Including:

1. "Quality of LIfe" crimes enhanced to misdemeanors from infractions,
2. "Sitting and Laying" on Public Property made a misdemeanor,
3. Street Sheet vendor licensing!
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        ((( starchild )))


When I read "Public Safety Advisory: Theft of Recycling Materials," I thought it was psychopathically cruel of Mayor Newsom and the Board of Supervisors to threaten recycling "poachers" with jail and fines. I asked myself how San Francisco's ruling socialist class, those who pride themselves on being the most magnanimous and sensitive among us, could be so cold-hearted and cruel. After about a half-second of reflection, I realized this assault on the poorest of San Franciscans by the coiffed, rich, powerful, "beautiful" people from City Hall, who, we are told, have purged themselves of greed and materialism, is totally in character for these demigods. Here's why: The people who "poach" garbage are showing initiative and providing for themselves; these qualities are anathema to socialist philosophy and socialist practice. By "poaching" garbage, the "poachers" are, also, modeling self-sufficiency to their children. Children who are versed in self-sufficiency are a curse on the welfare state and those who fat themselves at the public trough. To Hell with every holier-than-thou Democrat and Green in San Francisco who voted these vile idiots into office! G-d bless the recycling "poachers!"

Starchild, thanks for posting this article.

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Don Fields