SFModerates Mentions Libertarians

Many years ago, I signed up for the Plan C mailing list. Although I have moved away from SF twice since doing so, they still remember me. I see that they have now changed their name to SFModerates.

You may find the last paragraph of this article interesting because it references libertarians.

Progressives Are Lost Because Their Policies Never Worked http://www.sfmoderates.org/2014/12/progressives-are-lost-because-their-policies-never-worked/


Progressives Are Lost Because Their Policies Nev... http://www.sfmoderates.org/2014/12/progressives-are-lost-because-their-policies-never-worked/ By Sydney Lee San Francisco Magazine had an article in the latest issue called Raise Hell in Peace, about the demise of the San Francisco Bay Guar...

View on www.sfmoderates.org http://www.sfmoderates.org/2014/12/progressives-are-lost-because-their-policies-never-worked/
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Thanks for this article, Marc! Really good thoughts. No left, right, LGBT, black, etc. but all people working together to assess each proposal on its merits. I liked the "post victimization" era sentence, as well as their noting that libertarians are not right wingers.


What a great article! Plan C, with the support of Sarosh, included me in the Mayoral debates in 2000-2001 when many didn’t. And they kept in touch for many years. Could it really be that the tide is turning?