SFGate: Why some conservatives are backing Obama

Further on Bob Barr: On the other hand, no doubt that if we play our cards right, desperate Republicans could conceivably consider the Libertarian camp.


It's incredible to me that David Friedman would endorse Obama, as this piece says he has. I wonder whether he actually made such an endorsement, or was merely comparing him favorably with McCain.

  I'm copying writer Carolyn Lochead (who is a libertarian, btw) on this in case she can provide any further details.

  Nice article, on the whole Carolyn -- I appreciate that you are helping make libertarians more a topic of discourse, and it may help enhance the clout of libertarians by reinforcing views of them as swing voters.

  Nevertheless I would have liked to see mention of alternative candidates and parties, such as Ron Paul and the Libertarian Party. Most reporters tend to write as if the only choices are the established candidates of the two-party cartel, but adhering to this manner of reporting helps that cartel maintain its democracy-stunting power and control.

  Also, it makes me wince to see libertarians like Friedman, an anarchist, or David Boaz of the libertarian Cato Institute, classified as "conservatives." Such inaccurate labeling seems unlikely to further the public's understanding of libertarianism or willingness to embrace it as a genuine alternative.

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Here's your answer, Starchild:

32) David Friedman, Barack Obama, and the Game of Telephone


by David Friedman

"As most readers of this blog know, I posted some time back that I

preferred Obama to both Hilary and McCain, expanding on that in a

later post. There have now been several news articles including me in

lists of conservatives who have endorsed Obama, based on that post,

phone interviews with me, and random (mis?)information. I am not, of

course, a conservative but a libertarian. And describing Obama as the

least bad candidate, while saying that I hope he wins but don't plan

to vote for him, is quite a bit short of an endorsement." (07/07/08)