SFGate: Why some conservatives (and "conservatives"!) are backing Obama


  Thanks for your response. I guess it was the headline-writer's fault then. Glad you were attentive to the issue.

  By the way, do you have any recommendations for someone at the Chronicle to talk with about doing a story on the measure to decriminalize prostitution for which we just submitted signatures to be on the November ballot? Perhaps either something that really takes an in-depth look at how effective prostitution prohibition is, something about the story in the context of the budget crisis, or something coming at it from the angle of a "human interest" type piece on some of the folks in the sex work advocacy movement locally? (The usual "what are the odds this will pass, how does this affect SF politics?" kind of story probably won't do much for our cause.)

  Best wishes as always in your continued efforts to expand the political conversation and to include libertarian perspectives, even if you cannot advocate them in your role as a reporter. Your stories are nevertheless almost always a cut above most of the political reporting in the Chron.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))