[SFGate: Sad chapter in Western Addition history ending]

Dear All;
The extremely sad note is this is what will be happening to Bayview/Hunters Point.

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No kidding. It's totally criminal what happened to the Fillmore. As is the fact that the beautiful plaza at the foot of Market Street in front of the Embarcadero Center buildings is still named after the head of the Redevelopment Agency at that time, Justin Hermann. I wonder if there's another sewage plant or something in town besides the one that will hopefully soon be named after Bush...

  Coincidentally, the Rev. Arnold Townsend quoted in this story was in Supervisor McGoldrick's office while I was there today. I didn't know who he was, just heard him addressed by name -- if I'd read this article first, I definitely would've said something to him and tried to find out what he was doing there in case it was something we'd support him on. Might well have been the very issue of an official apology mentioned here.

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Starchild...just letting you know Rev. Townsend is a buddy of Sarosh's.
I've met him at Sarosh's house a couple of times. So if you want to
connect, that might be a path for you.

But he isn't that socially liberal so you might want to tone it down
with him and focus on the Redevelopment issue.

Just a thought



  Thanks for the info. I have no particular need to meet with him, I'm just always on the lookout for opportunities to connect with people who have a pro-liberty agenda on any issue, even if their overall perspective is still rather statist.

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