SFGate: Prop. A: S.F. school bond plan's final installment

Thank you to all who made our ballot arguments possible! Marcy

Woo Hoo....way to go LPSF.


Dear Mike and All,

Ballot arguments are the best bang for our meager bucks! As a result of the arguments, we got mentioned in the Chronicle, and as a result of the Chronicle article, I just had a most pleasant conversation with the owner of a construction company who called LPSF to give us some more information on the school bonds.

I thought ALL City contractors had to be union. Not so, some are, and some are not. The Prop A proposal is union only, which according to the gentleman with whom I spoke will raise the cost of the project significantly by limiting competition.

I am glad I returned his call. LPSF needs a lot of personal interaction with the general public, so that people will stop calling us the "Liberation Party" (as the Main Library folks), because they do not know who we are.

The name of the construction company is Trahan Construction. They have been in business for many years, and have done lots of large projects, such as schools.