[SFDecrim] Question regarding Prop K calling

If you need a number to use for caller ID, I think it should be no
problem to use the Libertarian Party of San Francisco's number, (415)
775-LPSF, since we are under no restrictions as far as supporting
ballot measures, and (obviously) support Prop. K. We have someone who
regularly checks messages on that phone, so I could ask that any
calls received about Prop. K be passed along.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))


While I don't have an objection to people giving out our voicemail
number as a callback number, I'm not sure how one would set it as the
number that shows up in someone's Caller ID. If SWOP has a PBX or
virtual PBX with SWOP's number already programmed in as the Caller ID,
then that's what people should use. If LPSF had a PBX or virtual PBX,
and allowing Prop K callers to use it didn't cost us a bunch of money,
I'd have no objection to that, but all we've got is a simple voicemail
line, so I don't think the Caller ID thing you suggested is technically

If someone from Yes on K or SWOP gets back to you with information that
disagrees with my understanding of the technology, please let me know.
Otherwise, I'd say it's a nice thought but just not technically doable.


P.S. This brings up something else to discuss in November. My employer
outsources our phone system to a company called RingCentral (.com),
where in a normal month that results in a handful of voicemails, a flat
$10 or $25 a month (for 5 vs 10 extensions -- we do $25 for 10
extensions at work, but LPSF could get away with $10 for 5 extensions)
is all you have to pay. Then if you want to use it as a virtual PBX for
phone banking or whatever (so the Caller ID shows up with our number),
the per-minute costs are fairly competitive. It's sort of the phone
equivalent of outsourcing our email newsletter to Constant Contact. We
can even keep our current number:
I'll put it on the agenda.

Starchild wrote:

Rob guessed awhile back that the phone bill might be $20 a month. My
memory is that it was over $40 when Mike starting doing it 8 or 10 years
ago. So I add my renewed thanks to everybody else's.